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Link your Bank Account and Add Transaction Options

Having the telephone and internet options on your account makes transactions more streamlined by cutting down on mailing delays and price variation due to time in transit via mail.

· When adding a new bank or changing a bank account on file we may require a Signature Guarantee Stamp. To find out more about what it is and participating financial institutions in the Signature Guarantee programs click here

· We can accept a Financial Notary from a commercial bank in place of getting the Signature Guarantee Stamp. You must also include the contact information of the bank representative that provided the notarization. A business card works nicely for this.


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Add or Update Bank information

· To add or update your bank on file – Please complete the Account Options Form

· The Signature Guarantee Stamp or Financial Notary is required when adding your bank with the redemption option

· If the bank being added does not include an account owner or authorized party we require the Signature Guarantee Stamp from those listed on the bank account

Add or Update Telephone options

· To add transacting options Please complete the Account Options Form online, or you can fill, print, and mail the form here.

· If you are adding redeem via ACH or wire to a new bank we require a Signature Guarantee Stamp or Financial Notary to add transacting options

· Adding your bank with only telephone purchase option does not require the Signature Guarantee Stamp

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