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Add or Update a Transfer on Death Beneficiary

For regular taxable accounts the type of beneficiary that you can list is referred to as a Transfer on Death (TOD) or Paid on Death (POD) beneficiary. In the event something was to happen to the account owner(s), the TOD/POD may help that named individual avoid the probate process.

·        All Beneficiary changes must be signed and sent in with the form below


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Add or Update beneficiaries on my taxable account


·        Please Complete the Transfer on Death Designation Form



·        You will receive a confirmation once the form is received in good order to add beneficiaries, a confirmation is not generated when updating beneficiaries


·        If this is a joint account, both owners need to sign (You cannot have an account owner name as a TOD/POD)


·        If a trust will be designated as a beneficiary, we require a copy of the trust agreement