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Exchange your Mutual Fund

Depending on the options you have on your account, you may have the ability to exchange online, via chat, or by phone. Otherwise, you must send us a form to complete the request.

·        To complete an exchange with a phone representative, chat representative, or online account, your account must contain the option. If your account does not have this option and you would like it, please complete our Account Options Form

·        There may be a maximum on the amount of exchanges you can request in a given year – Please refer to the prospectus

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Exchange from my current mutual fund into new or existing mutual fund


·        Exchange online – Please login to your account online


·        Exchange with a Chat Representative – Please chat with us for assistance using the link to the left


·        Exchange with a Phone Representative – Please call us at the number to the left




·        Exchanging from a taxable (non-retirement) account will generate a 1099-B Tax Form. There may be a taxable gain or loss on your investment


·        Exchanging from an IRA will not generate a tax form.