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Purchase Additional Shares

The options you have currently on the account will determine if you can do so online, by phone, or by chat, or if you must send us forms to complete the request.

·        To complete a purchase with a phone representative, chat representative, or online account, your account must contain the option. If your account does not have this option, please complete our Account Options Form

·        You can make additional purchases with either a linked bank account or by sending us a personal check

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Purchase of additional shares into my current mutual fund


·        Purchase online – Please login to your account online


·        Purchase with a Chat Representative – Please chat with us for assistance using the link to the left


·        Purchase with a Phone Representative – Please call us at the number to the left


·        Purchase in Writing – Utilize our Invest by Mail Form and include a personal check



·        Purchasing into a taxable (non-retirement) account will not generate a tax form


·        Purchasing into an IRA will generate a 5498 Tax Form


·        Purchase into a CESA will generate a 5498-ESA Tax Form


·        There may be a purchase minimum depending on your account – Please refer to the prospectus